Thursday, January 6, 2011

Are Espresso Hazardous to your health?


Coffee has caffeine which has a hazard to health. A cup of espresso is a concentratedcoffee has a higher caffeine content than regular coffee. Caffeine contained in coffeehas a stimulant effect that is not good for health. Caffeine can cause a person to have difficulty sleeping. Caffeine also causes a person difficult to control emotions, anddifficulty concentrating. Caffeine is also indicated could lead to cancer.

In addition to caffeine, it turns out espresso or instant coffee can raise cholesterol levels. Coffee beans contain cholesterol-enhancing compounds, called kafestol.Kafestol will be out of coffee beans when hot water is poured directly on the coffeepowder. In making espresso, hot water will be directly sprayed with high pressure to the coffee so that it will produce kafestol. The process of making espresso withoutusing filter paper so that it will generate quite a lot kafestol. If not using filter paper, thenkafestol still contained in the coffee brew.

Kafestol contained in a cup of espresso approximately 4 mg or more. Gynecologykafestol that much can raise cholesterol levels as much as one percent. But theincrease in cholesterol levels are not too many if you only drink a small cup of espressoa day.


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