Monday, January 3, 2011

Coffee Makers

What is a coffee maker?

If we were to paraphrase the definition for coffee (provided by a smart coffee lover), that says "coffee is water flavored with ground coffee", well,

Coffee Maker is then a device that extracts the flavors from the ground coffee into the water.
In order to be exact, we have to mention that there is a little controversy on which devices can pass for "coffee makers" and which don't. Going back to coffee, we noticed that there is a numerous coffee-community that separates two concepts: espresso andnon-espresso coffee. Hurray! That little detail makes the decision much easier: when speaking of coffee makers, we'd better refer to "non-espresso coffee makers".
Now, we still have various styles (or nationalities) of devices that can be successfully used to brew coffee:
  • stovetops
  • moka pots
  • french presses
  • drip coffee makers
  • vacuum brewers
  • percolators and urns
We kept the last three of them in the coffee makers group (drips, vacuums and percolators), and decided to treat the others separately:
  • stovetops for their traditionality; we could consider the pot that grandma' used to prepare the morning coffee as a "coffee maker"; the same goes for the Turkish ibrik;
  • moka pots, both for being non-automatic and for the "superstition" that they can brew, if used in a certain manner, real espresso;
  • French presses for they always were and will be non-automatic devices ("maker" sounds like it's really able to take over some of your tasks).


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