Monday, January 3, 2011

The Drip Coffee Makers

Using a drip coffee maker is the most common way to brew coffee. The operating principle is as simple as the simplest definition for coffee, "hot water flavored with ground coffee". As for one cup of fairly "flavored" drip coffee, we need around 3 oz. of hot water (195°F - 205°F) poured drip by drip through one tablespoon of medium ground coffee placed in the filter-bag.


Drip coffee makers range from a single serve to extra large capacity pots. The soft spot of the drip coffee makers is their capacity to heat the water properly. If not, you'll have coffee that's underextracted and tastes bad.

Drip coffee maker types

Drip coffee makers may be manual or automatic. The difference is the automaticmachine warms the water while in the manual drip you have to prepare the hot water separately. On the market you can also find programmable drip coffee makers. This machines are very usefully for those who use morning coffee as a kickstart. All you have to do is prepare the drip coffee maker in the evening (water and coffee in it) and program the machine. It will make fresh coffee in the morning, at the hour you requested.
Stainless steel incorporated drips are useful for preserving the coffee temperature for a longer time, without the danger of overextracting.

How to make the best of your drip

  • Make sure you use the measures that suit you best; sometimes, the divisions on the water reservoir may not meet yours; as a general rule, for 1 cup of coffee (3 oz.), 1 tbsp. of ground coffee is fine;
  • Temperature: the ideal temperature for drip coffee is somewhere between 195-205°F (90-95°C);
  • The brewing process: don't stop the drip machine until the last drop of water has cut through the filter bin. The drip coffee making process is not even; the last drops may bring more flavors into the cup than the first ones; usually, the brewing process is not more than 4 to 6 minutes, depending on the capacity;
  • When the brewing process is over, remove the pot from the hot plate of the coffee maker; this is not the best way to keep the coffee warm and fresh, unless you want to obtain a bitter, flavourless liquid, that some mistake for coffee;
  • The coffee: it has been proved that medium ground coffee is better suited for drip coffee makers;
  • The filter: permanent filters can be cleaned and used all over again; it is said that metalic filters are better than plastic; paper filters must be sprinkled with hot water in order to let flavors and oils pass through; also, this prevents the drink to get a paper-like smell;


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