Thursday, January 13, 2011

How To Become More Coffee We Settled

Coffeenesse will give some way to make our company become more stable :

>> For the storage of coffee, you should keep in a cool and dry. Exceptions can be done if you buy coffee in   large quantities. How, for coffee in some parts, enter the airtight bag, and remove it whenever necessary. Coffee that has been issued earlier, should be consumed immediately and not stored again as a result of changes in air temperature, the coffee quality will change.

>> Put the coffee in sealed and airtight containers. Do not place the container near the oven, stove, or place subject to direct exposure to sunlight or a lamp. Temperatures that are too hot can also affect the quality of coffee.

>> It would be more prudent to buy as needed. For example, to the needs of a week to 2 weeks so that your coffee is always fresh.

>> If using coffee maker, make sure that equipment is clean and free from the remnants of the previous coffee. The problem is, the former or the rest of the coffee can bring the smell and that definitely affects the taste of coffee.

>> Coffee brewed with boiling water for taste and aroma more pronounced. Wait about a minute before pouring the coffee powder into the boiling water in the glass.

>> Do not immediately drink freshly brewed coffee. Wait about 3-5 minutes, add sugar to taste. If you like  coffee without the pulp, after 3 minutes, the pulp can be directly filtered.

>> In addition to sugar, you can add other ingredients such as milk or cream into the coffee.


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