Sunday, January 2, 2011


   1. Black coffee
       is the result of direct extraction of boiling coffee beans, which is presented without any  additional perisa.  

   2. Espresso 
       is made by extracting coffee beans using hot steam at high pressure.

   3. Latte (coffee latte)
        is a kind of espresso coffee is added to milk with a ratio of 3:1 between milk and coffee.

   4. Café au lait
       similar to Caffe latte but using a mixture of black coffee.

   5. Caffe macchiato
       an espresso coffee is added to milk with coffee and milk ratio of 4:1.

   6. Cappuccino
       a coffee with the addition of milk, cream, and chocolate chips.

   7. Dry cappuccino
      a cappuccino with a little cream and no milk.

   8. Frappe
       an espresso that is served cold.

   9. Instant coffee
       coffee bean comes from the dried and granulated.

  10. Irish Coffee (Irish Coffee)
        a coffee mixed with whiskey.

  11. Brewed coffee
        real coffee Indonesia made by cooking the beans along with sugar.
  12. Melya
        a type of coffee with the addition of cocoa powder and honey.

  13. Coffee mocha
        cappuccino and latte are similar to, but with the addition of chocolate syrup.
  14. Shaky
        specialty coffee Thailand cooked with corn, soybeans, and sesame.


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