Friday, January 7, 2011

The way how to make the Perfect Irish Coffee

How to make the Perfect Irish Coffee

It's amazing how many Irish bar and restaurant staff did not know how to make a good Irish coffee.
When done correctly it is a skilled art form and if not done incorrectly it turned into a muddy, sloppy mud which will only be appreciated by understanding most of the tourists who do not know anything better.

In we will help you through an important part of the national art form.


Put a teaspoon into a glass (best to use glass with a stem a) and pour boiling water into the glass to warn it. (The reason you enter into the spoon so that the spoon to take the heat from the water and so the glass will not crack, but be careful!).
* Pour whiskey into a glass.
* Pour in coffee to within 15mm (1.5 cm) from the top.
* Enter the two tablespoons of sugar and stir until all sugar dissolved.You will see if sugar is    dissolved by looking at the base glass. (Sugar ensure that the cream will float).
* Place the spoon to the edge of the coffee, face (make sure that the curve touches the coffee spoon, touching ... not submerged) With the cream in a small tube pour into a spoon. The cream will flow at the edge of the spoon and rest on top of coffee.
* What should be left with is a cup of black coffee (not cloudy and without a trace of cream) with a white collar about 10 mm (1 cm) deep.
This then should be presented on the sideplate with a SPOON NO.
* If y ou make coffee specialists with liqeuer like Tia Maria or Baileys, follow the same steps, just remember that sugar is not needed as liqeuer contain enough sugar to keep the cream floats.
* A clue or tip: If you are a little whip cream, it's easier to create the effect (but do not tell anyone that you do this). Irish people do not use whipped cream, or heaven forbid squirty cream - sin in the circle of food & drinks!



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