Thursday, January 13, 2011

About How to Prepare Coffee


1. Ensure that all equipment has been cleaned. The material left behind, oil and residue will cause a sense foreign to the coffee.

2. Buy and use high-quality seeds. If not do not expect to produce a cup of quality coffee.

3. Use clean water that is certain to prepare the coffee.

4. Always grind coffee just before preparing the coffee. This will produce a fresh taste.

5. Make sure that the coffee used was appropriate recipes and flavor as desired.

6. Use the right amount of coffee. From experience, a good dose is 2 tablespoons for each 6oz (fluid ounce) cups of coffee.

7. Warm the cup before pouring the coffee into it, it can keep coffee hot longer lasting.

8. Before serving, stir the coffee first. Coffee and coffee extract oil that is not flat will cause the difference in the consistency of taste of coffee.

9. If you make more than you want to drink, save it in a thermos of good coffee. Put it in coffee heating will damage the taste slowly.

10. After going through all this process, take the time to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Do not drink immediately! seruput bit, let it spread throughout the tongue taste, aroma and flavor impregnated.


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