Thursday, January 13, 2011

About Quality Coffee

Coffeenesse,About Quality Coffee

Quality Coffee

coffee depends on the following factors:

1. Time since seed grinding.

2. Time since roasting.

3. Cleaning equipment.

4. Quality seeds.

5. Water quality.

Fact: If you buy coffee that "quality", quality seed is the most ultimate determining factor. The best bean will taste less delicious if there is one factor from the factors above are not met. Not all seed characteristics are the same, but four other key factors that must be met. Many coffee lovers who prefer a more lower quality coffee but in a fresh condition and freshly ground and in the coffee-roasting than that is not fresh anymore though derived from the type of premium coffee.

Fact: Coffee canned in the supermarket often contains large amounts of robusta, arabica coffee of poor quality, or the seeds too mature when harvested. Worse still, no one company that had great coffee roasting and mentrasport to large areas around the country that delivers coffee that is really fresh to its customers.

Fact: When other factors are met, namely the quality of ground coffee roasting and freshness is maintained, water quality has also been maintained and the equipment used residue-free, that's when the quality of coffee will provide a big difference.

Note: Coffee canned in the supermarket often contains a mixture of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, while most coffee shops sell only pure arabica coffee beans. Arabica beans are normally rich in flavor, while Robusta coffee beans contain more caffeine, less flavor and less expensive. Exceptions from this rule are some delicious espresso can contain small amounts of robusta coffee beans of high quality to enrich the flavor and thicken crema.
But this does not give an assurance that a coffee shop will provide the best coffee quality. If there are items from the factors that affect the quality (mentioned above) are not met, it is still the best coffee will become even worse.

To ensure freshness, it's better to buy coffee from coffee shops that stock quickly changed, rather than coffee from a supermarket in vacuum packaging container labeled expiration date.

Actual fact, you will not get the coffee is really fresh from the supermarket. This is an absolute fact if it is coffee that has not been milled.
In a shop that had roasting his own coffee, ask if the coffee is roasted on the same day. If the person behind the counter do not know, ask the officer / owner who is more competent. If no one knows, find another shop.
For the record, it must be remembered that the coffee is at peak quality after dianginkan a few hours. An expert roasting surely know this. In general most improved quality coffees with dianginkan for 12 to 24 hours. In some types of coffee to keep that quiet much longer is better.

The latter is for the best results, grind your coffee itself. Buying fresh roasting coffee and then grind it yourself will take you to the destination, resulting in coffee that is really delicious. Ground coffee lasts only for a few hours or at least one day.


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