Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Assess the Personality of the Preferred Coffee

From preferred type of coffee that someone is also characteristic of his personality. What and how to tell the coffee peminumnya character?

1. Ubiquitous instant coffee instant coffee sold. All it takes is for menyeduhnya hot water, stir, drink immediately. There are already mixed with milk, there is also a pure coffee. Fans of this coffee type normally want things quickly and immediately, without much effort. Sometimes sacrifice quality for the sake of chasing time. Could be, the first woman who likes a direct "shot" to be a girlfriend even though only known a week.
2. Non-caffeine coffee Everybody knows, coffee contains caffeine which can endanger the health, but often denied by the coffee mania. For those who like the smell of coffee but the fear of caffeine, there is a kind beverage that is called non-caffeine coffee (decaf). Fans of this drink is very concerned about health issues. Very selective in choosing healthful foods or drinks only. He is also afraid to take risks that could harm him.
3. Coffee milled Some like to drink coffee directly from coffee beans are ground fresh. In supermarkets and shops sell this type of fresh coffee. However, if the he had a coffee grinding equipment at home, meaning she likes to grind his own coffee beans. That is, he always wanted to do everything alone, very independent, and does not depend on anyone. It could also mean, she does not easily trust others.
4. Type espresso coffee is very strong and very black because it is made directly from coffee beans with very little water content. Called espresso cafes and restaurants because menghidangkannya in a short time in small glasses. This is thanks to technology, espresso machines from Italy. Fans of this kind of coffee like a great experience, hard, and challenging. Although fond of dangerous things like driving a car with high speed. They are also usually very creative. On the other hand, they are very demanding, both to himself, as well as those around them.
5. Cappuccino  is espresso plus milk mixture, served in large glasses. Blend of espresso coffee and milk to produce a brown color similar to the clothes of the Capuchin monks, then called a cappuccino. Enthusiasts of this type include those who relaxed in the face of anything. Do not want to hurry, though in the end everything can dibereskannya. Life for him as enjoying cappuccino, lighter but still delicious.
6. coffee mixed  today many coffee blend coffee mixed with various ingredients to produce different flavors. There are coffee mixed with caramel syrup, cinnamon powder plus, or plus mocha. This type of coffee enthusiasts do not like the things that are considered reasonable by many people. Wanted to look and think different. With him, people are never bored, because he always finds new things to do.
7. Irish coffee is a very hard type of coffee is coffee, Ireland (Irish coffee). Hard for mixed alcohol. Coffee and alcohol had a contrary effect. Coffee makes people literate and activate awareness, while alcohol makes the subconscious mind. Fans of this drink have any ideas, thoughts, and the nature of the sometimes contradictory. In one time, he can look happy, and a moment later glum.
8. Powdered instant coffee brewed with coffee dregs, sometimes without sugar, and drink while the waste is still floating. This coffee fan like everything natural, and not tolerant of lies. No matter how bitter the truth, he will receive.


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