Wednesday, January 5, 2011

There Alcoholic Coffee

In addition to the types of coffee ready for brewing or ready to drink in the pack
easily found daily in the market, today more and more coffee also
ready to drink sold in restaurants, cafes, or hotels. Coffee not
just a culture in small shops roadside, but now
become an elite class lifestyle. If only simple stalls
offers a mix instant coffee or instant coffee brewed, the restaurants, cafes
or hotels usually offer a wide variety of types of coffee that was given
various names that are often confusing for people who do not


Cafes, restaurants, or hotels are usually prepared from the seeds of coffee drinks
real coffee roasted yourself, then by using a coffee
the resulting liquid extract of coffee maker. Real coffee brew a very strong
taste and aroma customarily offered by the name of espresso.

In addition, the basic menu of coffee commonly sold usually include coffee
with the addition of milk which is often offered with a latte caffee
or if mixed with chocolate will produce a cappuccino. Both can be
served with extra cream on top and sprinkled with milk powder
cokalat or cinnamon for a cappuccino. How is the status of halal status?

The resulting brew coffee directly from coffee beans of course not
kehalalannya doubt. Noteworthy is certainly
mixed materials. Three examples of the basic menu above mentioned
use milk which is usually the original milk instead of non-dairy
creamer and milk cream. Both need to consider whether a
original natural material or a processed material is mixed with
other materials. In addition, there are overseas adding custom
extra creamy milk in a separate place that has been given a drink seikit
alcoholic. This is definitely not 

In addition to the basic menu, usually through menus offered
various other types of coffee drinks in the form of heat or cold.
In choosing a name that has not been known to drink coffee, consumers need
so be careful, because many types of coffee drinks that are mixed
with alcoholic beverages. If only the view name, not consumers
can easily recognize the coffee is mixed with beverages berakohol.

Coffee mixed with alcoholic beverages is served in a state
hot or cold. Type of alcoholic beverage that can be mixed only
one type, but can also some kind. There beverages
added a variety of herbs, spices cloves, cinnamon until the extract
orange. How menghidangkannya cream milk is given in section
above it, some are not. Bagimanapun way of presentation, if coffee
was mixed with alcoholic beverages of any kind, then the status of coffee
which was originally turned into haram halal. So, its legal status following the
status of alcoholic beverages to be mixed, regardless of how many
the number of which were mixed. A little or a lot, status keharamannya
no different.

Here are given some examples of names of coffee drinks
mixed alcoholic beverages. Some examples of names of coffee drinks
containing rum is Cajun Coffee, Danish Coffee, Jamaican Coffee,
Vermont Coffee, Tia Maria and Spanish Coffee. Other examples
containing brandy is Colonial Coffee, Coffee and Germany Keoki
Coffee. Home Coffee as well as Mexican Coffee Coffee and French
containing Kahlua, but also mixed with London gin. Now
The famous Irish Coffee was made by mixing coffee
with sugar, dairy cream and Irish whiskey. Some types of coffee other than
added liquor is also added to fruit, spices or herbs
such as the Orleans Coffee (containing cognac, orange, and clove) and
Coffee Brulot (containing brandy, orange peel, cloves, cinnamon, and
vanilla extract).


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