Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Best Cities to Enjoy Coffee


Coffee culture gives different meanings to each audience. For some people, this means a quiet cafe to work where wireless Internet and strong coffee always ready. For others, coffee culture implies something more communal and less electronic devices, with an espresso or cappuccino to defrost chat.
Prestige places to enjoy coffee is the place where the best coffee types to meet, where keaanggunan created. It may be shown that coffee from Ethiopia, Colombia or Java, the coffee must be of high quality and type to be proud.

Here is a list of best cities for sipping coffee:

Vienna, Austria 
Kaffeehauskultur in Vienna came from the 17th century, when Turkish troops surrounded the city. Today, enjoy kaffee and Kuchen (coffee and cake) in Vienna's grand cafes since the 19th century is a must for travelers and rituals for the local population, who usually enjoy the company of the newspaper or the friends. Do not just order "coffee". Because coffee is served in Vienna is very diverse, including Brauner (black coffee brown in color due to added milk), Einspanner (double espresso with whipped cream), Kaisermelange (a large cup of mocha milk, which is mixed with egg yolk, honey and cognac or brandy ), Melange (a large cup of coffee with hot milk foam, similar to the cappuccino) and many others.

Amsterdam, Netherlands 
In Dutch households, tea is the most popular dishes. But Dutch people are intelligent people and happy society gathered; with friends to one cup of coffee gezellig (gezellig = comfort in the social environment). Because the apartments are generally very small in Amsterdam, the city was happy to gather in places that became icons of Amsterdam cafe Bruin (brown) - cafe with wood panels which are secured gezellig and a cup of espresso-based drinks thick often presented along with the sugar-sugar .

Rome, Italy 
Pasta and papal patron can not be avoided from italy, but nothing more authentic rituals for the people of Rome than to visit the bar to feel most loved by the Italians - shoot a quick espresso. Tourists can hang out at outdoor cafes with prime views of the piazza.
Following the custom of local people can be tried, standing at the booth (this avoids the cost of the service), the message one espresso and drink with one of two suction before going back to do our daily business as usual (and repeated the ritual throughout the day as long as necessary.)

Melbourne, Australia
Australian Coffee Centre is indebted to the tradition of Italian immigrants brought coffee and Greece after World War II, but until in 1980 a new Melbourne's coffee culture is really begins. Australian people are very 'fierce' when they drink coffee java, as well as Melbourne's population is even more so.
Perhaps the best evidence for people to feel proud of Melbourne's coffee culture is itself owned by the city in 2008, when Starbucks was forced to shut its 16 outlets in Melbourne (and many others throughout Australia) after the failure to penetrate Australia's strong coffee culture. In an article in The Age in August 2008 there is an appropriate sentence describe it: "The arrival of Starbucks to the Lygon Street (in Melbourne) as trust Scientologi opened a branch at the Vatican. Only defile a holy place."

Wellington, New Zealand 
Not a surprise that Wellington which is the center of art and culture of New Zealand is also the most friendly city to enjoy the classic Kiwi coffee as well as with long black coffee (the name of New Zealand for a double shot of espresso). In the 1950's, there is an impressive movement of immigrants and local residents of Wellington to promote European-inspired coffee culture as an alternative sport of New Zealand rugby and beer. Now the 'windy city Wellington' to create a list of local roasting a prominent businessman, including Havana Coffee Works, Mojo and Peoples Coffee. And Wellington has more cafes per capita than New York City, then to find a good cafe, as it used to say in New Zealand, is "easy."

Buenos Aires, Argentina 
With the roots of Spain and Italy are strong (more than 95 percent of the population of Argentina comes from the European settlers), Porteños be a pride for their culture of coffee and café. And the coffee culture of Argentina is the most rooted in South America. From small talk to business discussion, many meetings took place in front of a cup of coffee-by not having to rush.
The concept of 'buy and go' bit is received in Buenos Aires, where coffee drinkers prefer to enjoy the cafe chicos and cortados in situ in the cafes or restaurants. Starbucks did not open the first branch Argentinanya until May 2008 (Seattle giant has long been open branches elsewhere in Latin America, including Peru, Chile and Mexico), and the corporation is also making adjustments with local tradition by offering coffee dulce de Leche and mate latte.

Seattle, United States 
With gray skies and drizzle often signaled shelter residents to enter into the house, Seattle can not be doubted as the birthplace of American coffee culture. The city is synonymous with Starbucks, founded in 1971 in Pike Place Market area. And the original location of this attractive caffeine pilgrims from distant lands.
But locals will tell you that the Seattle coffee culture really is in the spirit of local businesses such as roasting and Zoka Espresso Vivace, and local coffee shop in neighboring areas such as Fremont and Ballard. In Seattle, unlimited coffee options, but single-estate coffee (with seeds purchased from individual plantations) has become a popular word for people who like to be picky when it comes to obtaining this black gold.


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