Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coffe Late/ Latte

Latte or Caffe latte (Italian which means coffee and milk) is espresso or coffee mixed with milk and have a thin layer of foam on top.
Comparison of milk with coffee at Caffe latte is 3:1.Beverages It was first discovered in Italy in late 1950 by Lino Meiorin.He is the owner of a cafe and is the first of Italy's baristas.Visitors cafenya when it is not used to the taste of traditional cappuccino is very sharp and therefore ask for more a lot of milk (latte) to be mixed with the coffee.Eventually Lino decides to sell espresso drinks with more milk and call it a "Caffe latte".At the time, he presents Caffe latte in a bowl and then switch using a glass of beer. Now, Caffe latte served in a cup



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