Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to Choose a Good Coffee

CoffeenesseThe following is a tips about the coffee :

1. Choose whole bean coffee and not porous.

2. Get used to buy coffee as needed, so no need to save the coffee for
too long, but it will stay awake coffee aroma quality.

3. If you use a coffee maker, make sure the place is clean of the remnants of coffee before because it can    cause odors and can alter the taste of coffee.

4. Try to use a glass ceramic so hot coffee remain durable.

5. To enjoy the maximum flavor from coffee, use of water quality. If the water in the home contain iron, use a water filter, do not use tap water because it will change the flavor and delicacy of coffee.

6. Store coffee in a closed place, put in cold and dry, with temperatures around 5 degrees celsius. Better not put near the stove, oven or other areas that may be exposed to direct sunlight and lights, because the temperature can be hot and it affects the quality of coffee.

7. If you have a coffee in large quantities, take enough for everyday use, rest and then put into an airtight container and put in freezer. But when once removed from the freezer, do not enter anymore because the temperature changes that occur will lead to moisture, thus affecting the quality of coffee. Immediately place the coffee in cool, dry place.


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