Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Steps of Coffee Tasting


When tasting coffee, you really are doing a comparison with other coffee taste. If you only feel one kind of coffee at a time, it will be difficult to compare it with others. But if you taste two or three copies, you can even taste the flavor, acidity, concentration, to taste.
To begin to taste more than one type of coffee, you should try a lighter coffee first. Following the steps of coffee tasting:

1. Breathe in the aroma. The smell of coffee will be the first clue about how to flavor your coffee. In fact, arguably most of your sense of taste actually comes from the sense of smell. That is why the smell of coffee could be so fragrant and it feels so satisfying. Previously, make sure no other odors is a sharp, thus affecting the process of inhaling coffee aroma.

2. drink a little. Create a strong pull from the lips of the cup, with the number seruputan that is not too much. Besides not going to make the coffee was too hot, slurping coffee like this make coffee spread throughout the oral cavity. "Slurping it should be up to the sound, yes," cried the barista who was familiarly called Uki this.

When you drink coffee, there is usually a sour taste left behind. In the context of coffee, this does not mean sour or bitter coffee. Coffee acidity stung in the ceiling, from which cryptic until crisp. What also can you feel the process of sipping this is the "thickness" beverage on your tongue, from mild to intense. Sumatra coffee is an example of a strong coffee.

3. Enjoy coffee. At this stage you can feel the blend of aroma, acidity, and concentrations of coffee, thereby creating the impression of the overall coffee. While sipping a certain type of coffee, you probably will capture the distinctive flavor of sharp, for example a little taste of citrus or grapefruit. However, it does not mean coffee is "a sense of grapefruit." Coffee still feels like a coffee. That uniqueness.

There are many ways to describe the taste of coffee, and when you are more adept at distinguishing taste, a love of coffee definitely stronger.


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