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Barista (Italian for "bartender") is one coffee shop employee in charge of preparing and serving coffee-based beverages.
Barista operates three types of espresso machines, ie machines manual, semi-automatic, or automatic. Manual machine run by pulling a lever to push water through ground coffee. Semi-automatic machines use electric pumps to push water through ground coffee, but the barista still have to stop the flow of espresso manually using a switch or the on \ off button. Machine will automatically turn on and stop after a certain amount of water has been through the coffee.

However, the types of espresso machine is no guarantee that either will produce espresso. This is because a barista skills needed to operate the machine and have basic knowledge in terms of preparing coffee.

Liability for a barista is to have enough knowledge about the entire process of processing the coffee to be able to work effectively in order to obtain the desired results. This knowledge includes mengoperasian, maintain and run the engine properly, grind and tamp the coffee method, duration of filtration, temperature and water quality, milk foam, pouring way, latte art, roasting, until coffee cultivation, drying method, the correct way to store, and packaging use.

A barista can acquire these skills by attending training classes barista or follow on the job training.

The Origin of Words Barista
The word 'barista' is derived from Italian, and in Italy a barista is intended for men or women who worked as a bartender, who generally works behind the counter, preparing drinks both hot (like espresso), and cold beverages, alcoholic or without alcohol. Not only special as a coffee maker.

Barista in the plural in Italian is called baristi (for male sex or mixed) or bariste (for women).

Baristo term sometimes found in the English language that refer specifically to male bartenders. But this is a rare occurrence because in essence the term barista is used for both men and women.



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