Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Variations Taste Of Coffee

There are basically two types of commonly consumed coffee: Arabica and Robusta coffee. The difference between these two types of plants in general can be classified as follows:

Robusta meet about 80% of global coffee trade. These coffee beans have a difference compared to arabica coffee, consisting of 22 chromosomes compared to 44th in arabica coffee. Robusta generally have a sense of "wood" and good to use as instant coffee. Good quality robusta coffee, wet processed, is sometimes used as an espresso blending.

While arabica coffee beans has a lot of different varieties. In Indonesia there are 5 varieties. Each variety will produce different coffee beans. But this is not the main reason why coffee grown in the Barisan mountain in North Sumatra will have a different taste with Guatamala arabica coffee. Arabica coffee beans will have a different flavor characteristics due to many influential factors that include region, climate or soil to grow.
Arabica coffee beans are unique Sumatra Indonesia for example, has the character a sense of "land", caused by the chemical content of soil, rainfall, long sunshine, methods of fertilization, height (resulting in differences in temperature and sunlight intensity), picking method, time harvesting, processing methods, drying and storage methods.
Because it involves a large number of variables, this will contribute to the unique taste of coffee in each region.

This is why coffee and Coffee African Americans will be different with a cup of coffee in Asia.



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