Thursday, January 6, 2011

Various Kinds of Espresso Coffee

Various of Espresso Coffee:

Ristretto Espresso

Short  are just to take 3 / 4 ounce of shot to avoid the bitter espresso, and just take the best part.

Single Espresso
Espresso shot 1 ons.

Lungo Espresso
Espresso shot 1.5 ons.

Double Espresso
Espresso shot 2 ons, dengan isi kopi 2 kali lipat.

Espresso Macchiato
Shot Espresso given milk foam on top with a spoon, served in a glass / mug small.

Espresso Con Panna
Panna means cream. So basically the same as Espresso Macchiato, but using the whipped cream / cream.

Shot Espresso, but add hot water so the taste of coffee is not too "strong".



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